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Lessons in heroism from a six-year old

“I wonder why they’re called storm troopers? They don’t even make storms…” he says, staring up at me through those little glasses, his head resting on a pillow at the foot of the bed. Gavin has come to keep me … Continue reading

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The Death Of Robin: How Grace Killed My Dreams…

As a kid, I always had a very active imagination. I could entertain myself for hours, with nothing more than my own thoughts.  Sometimes creating alternate realities where the fate of the world would ultimately depend on my hand-to-hand martial … Continue reading

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Why I’m Not Superman.

I think that the writer of the Superman story was a genius.  I think this, primarily because they didn’t make their character a human (at least not one from earth).  There are plenty of ways to explain an earthling having … Continue reading

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