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A Few Days In March :: Our story of life, love, heroes, healing, family, friends, providence and pain

I’ve been planning on writing this for some time now but I knew I had to get the timing right. Letting enough time pass that I could actually tell the story in it’s entirety and not feel overwhelmed or crushed … Continue reading

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72 Hours That Changed Everything :: Thank Yous To Those Who Stood With Us

Some of you have asked about whether I was going to write about the events of this past week. And while I definitely will at some point, I’m just not able to do so in much detail yet. To take … Continue reading

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Cleaning House :: The way NOT to grow…

Every time Erin and I clean the house we end up silently criticizing each other. Eventually that silent criticism takes on new life when I open my stupid mouth and give it a voice. It has happened more times than … Continue reading

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The Road Ahead :: A Few Thoughts On Expectations

Yesterday was our ninth anniversary. We have a five-year old boy, a two-year old girl and Erin is pregnant with twins. Wow. When I write it out like that it feels kind of surreal. Like it’s someone else’s life, not … Continue reading

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Boxes On The Floor

There is a stack of boxes along the wall in our bedroom that has been there since we moved into this house. There’s only three or four of them and they don’t have much stuff in them anymore, but we’ve … Continue reading

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