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Framing The Shot :: Thoughts on our selectively public lives…

On my drive to work I passed, what appeared to be, a photo shoot on the sidewalk of a rather unglamorous road with nothing but shabby looking, overgrown grass on the other side. I gathered it was an engagement photo … Continue reading

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A Few Days In March :: Our story of life, love, heroes, healing, family, friends, providence and pain

I’ve been planning on writing this for some time now but I knew I had to get the timing right. Letting enough time pass that I could actually tell the story in it’s entirety and not feel overwhelmed or crushed … Continue reading

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It Cuts Like A Knife :: Thoughts on love and friendship

Last night was not my favorite. (If you don’t know, we have seven week old twins…enough said.) I struggled to get out of bed this morning, motivated solely by the little beeping sound of my coffee maker reminding me that … Continue reading

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“Fear” the Lord?

Here’s a link to the message I just preached yesterday on “The Fear of the Lord.” It’s the first message in our series on the book of Proverbs. Several of you have asked me for the notes, so I figured … Continue reading

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Cleaning House :: The way NOT to grow…

Every time Erin and I clean the house we end up silently criticizing each other. Eventually that silent criticism takes on new life when I open my stupid mouth and give it a voice. It has happened more times than … Continue reading

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Bumper Stickers and Value

The other I day I saw a bumper sticker on a car that read, “You’re a loser. I’m a Goddess. Any questions?” Did I mention that the car was parked in a Walmart parking lot, where I’m sure the owner … Continue reading

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The Spiritual Discipline Of Trash Collection

Back in my college days I was a part of a scholarship “ministry team.” Which should let you know that I went to a Christian school, since nobody else gives you scholarships for “ministry.” The specific team I was on … Continue reading

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Preschool Graduations :: Thoughts on God’s joy in us

Every year our church hosts the graduation ceremonies for the Preschool next door. And every year I am amazed at the insane level of enthusiasm in the room. Parents start showing up, as early as, two hours before the ceremony … Continue reading

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How We Grow As Christians

Here’s a link to the sermon I preached this past Sunday at our church: http://tinyurl.com/3vlu7qo I struggled with the decision to post this because I didn’t want to appear to be self-publicizing. But then I realized that I have my … Continue reading

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Bug-Infested Trash Trees :: Some Thoughts On Grace…

Have you ever received a Christmas gift from someone that you didn’t have a gift for in return. Do you remember how it felt? Did you feel the sudden urge to lie to them and tell them that you left … Continue reading

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