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Heavy Troubles & Weighty Mercies :: One Year Ago…

One year ago today our twin boys were born. It was a beautiful, exciting and nearly tragic day. Just a few short hours after their birth, Erin was bleeding out on an OR table while I anxiously paced the hallways … Continue reading

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Coffee Snobbery

Some say I have an unhealthy affection for coffee. I have even been labeled, by some of those people, a “coffee snob” for not joining them in drinking whatever coffee-looking product is being served at the moment. And after I … Continue reading

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72 Hours That Changed Everything :: Thank Yous To Those Who Stood With Us

Some of you have asked about whether I was going to write about the events of this past week. And while I definitely will at some point, I’m just not able to do so in much detail yet. To take … Continue reading

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Losing My Grip :: Thoughts on the Illusion of Control

For the past week or so, I’ve begun each day with an acute awareness that this could be the last morning I wake up before the twins are born. This could be the last cup of coffee I drink before … Continue reading

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Juxtaposition :: Thoughts on using hymns in modern worship…

Contrast is very trendy right now. Particularly the contrast between the very old and the very new. I’m sure you’ve seen those design magazines that have a picture of an old, rustic, paint-chipped door behind a brand new, super-sleek, modern … Continue reading

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A few months ago we received a note home from Gavin’s school that they had done an eye exam with all of the students and suggesting that we follow-up up with an eye doctor. Neither Erin or I have ever … Continue reading

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Potty Training And Perspective

There comes a point in every child’s life where a line must be drawn. A bridge must be crossed. A question must be answered… Am I going to move on from toddlerhood toward maturity? Am I going to remain satisfied … Continue reading

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Journey To The Frozen North… In The Middle Of Summer :: My Alaska Journal (Day Three)

Day Three I woke up and started the day sitting by the waters edge, looking out over the mountains and reading through several of the Psalms. I marveled at how the same God who set the foundations of the earth … Continue reading

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Freedom Hurts :: Life While The Kids Are Away…

As the van drove away, I felt Erin’s head lean hard against my shoulder and I could hear that she was crying. I felt my heart beating faster with the strangest sort of longing. And for the next minute or … Continue reading

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Bug-Infested Trash Trees :: Some Thoughts On Grace…

Have you ever received a Christmas gift from someone that you didn’t have a gift for in return. Do you remember how it felt? Did you feel the sudden urge to lie to them and tell them that you left … Continue reading

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