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Juxtaposition :: Thoughts on using hymns in modern worship…

Contrast is very trendy right now. Particularly the contrast between the very old and the very new. I’m sure you’ve seen those design magazines that have a picture of an old, rustic, paint-chipped door behind a brand new, super-sleek, modern … Continue reading

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I Just Bought Identity, Affirmation & Love On Clearance…

I recently bought my very first clothing item from Abercrombie & Fitch (GASP!) Some of you are probably shocked because you’re offended by their sketchy marketing techniques and others of you are just offended because I’m 32 and too old … Continue reading

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Journey To The Frozen North… In The Middle Of Summer :: My Alaska Journal (Day Two)

Day Two Okay, so I have a now have compelling urge to buy Xtratuf boots. They are quite the “in” footwear here in Alaska. And although I’ve never in my life desired to wear, much less own, a pair of … Continue reading

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Freedom Hurts :: Life While The Kids Are Away…

As the van drove away, I felt Erin’s head lean hard against my shoulder and I could hear that she was crying. I felt my heart beating faster with the strangest sort of longing. And for the next minute or … Continue reading

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Auto-Tuning Your Life :: The Long-term Effects Of Short-Term Convenience

Many of you only know Auto-Tune as a sweet app on your phone that makes you sound like T-Pain. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg that is auto-tuning. Auto-Tune is a digital recording tool that automatically adjusts the … Continue reading

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The Gospel In Literature :: What’s In A Name?

So, today I decided I would start a series with the blog. I don’t think it will be a consecutive series, meaning that I don’t think every week for the next 3-4 weeks will be about this. But I have … Continue reading

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