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Heavy Troubles & Weighty Mercies :: One Year Ago…

One year ago today our twin boys were born. It was a beautiful, exciting and nearly tragic day. Just a few short hours after their birth, Erin was bleeding out on an OR table while I anxiously paced the hallways … Continue reading

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A Few Days In March :: Our story of life, love, heroes, healing, family, friends, providence and pain

I’ve been planning on writing this for some time now but I knew I had to get the timing right. Letting enough time pass that I could actually tell the story in it’s entirety and not feel overwhelmed or crushed … Continue reading

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It Cuts Like A Knife :: Thoughts on love and friendship

Last night was not my favorite. (If you don’t know, we have seven week old twins…enough said.) I struggled to get out of bed this morning, motivated solely by the little beeping sound of my coffee maker reminding me that … Continue reading

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The Things We Do For Community… Even if that community speaks Klingon, wears skin-tight costumes in public, and carries the rank of lieutenant on an imaginary starship

So, I’m going to make a pretty big confession here. I’m a recovering “Trekky”(or Star Trek fan, for those of you too cool to know such things).  I hesitate to say this because I know what immediately jumped into your … Continue reading

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