The Art Of Sheep Shearing

It may come as a surprise to you, but I don’t own any sheep. I never have. But I’ve seen the picture on the wall in Outback Steakhouse of the dudes shearing sheep, and I’m convinced that I’d be good at it.  Man-handling a big, fluffy sheep and holding it down for a haircut. It … Continue reading The Art Of Sheep Shearing


Holey Socks Batman!

So, I reached in my drawer this morning and pulled out a pair of socks. I slid one onto my foot and found that the heel of the sock is now flesh-colored.  I thought, “I don’t remember that. Do I have hyper-color socks? Oh wait, that’s just my foot.”  I had holey socks.  So, just … Continue reading Holey Socks Batman!