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My “Meme” | Sara Kate Mashaw

 My grandmother, Sara Kate Mashaw, or as I have always known her “Meme”, was diagnosed with cancer over a year ago and decided not to undergo any surgeries or aggressive treatments. She wanted to let things run their course and … Continue reading

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Heavy Troubles & Weighty Mercies :: One Year Ago…

One year ago today our twin boys were born. It was a beautiful, exciting and nearly tragic day. Just a few short hours after their birth, Erin was bleeding out on an OR table while I anxiously paced the hallways … Continue reading

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Lessons in heroism from a six-year old

“I wonder why they’re called storm troopers? They don’t even make storms…” he says, staring up at me through those little glasses, his head resting on a pillow at the foot of the bed. Gavin has come to keep me … Continue reading

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18 Years From Now…

Who will Luke and Wyatt be when they grow up, move out and hit the world on their own two feet (or four feet, collectively)? What passions will drive them? What character traits will define them? What mark will they … Continue reading

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A Few Days In March :: Our story of life, love, heroes, healing, family, friends, providence and pain

I’ve been planning on writing this for some time now but I knew I had to get the timing right. Letting enough time pass that I could actually tell the story in it’s entirety and not feel overwhelmed or crushed … Continue reading

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72 Hours That Changed Everything :: Thank Yous To Those Who Stood With Us

Some of you have asked about whether I was going to write about the events of this past week. And while I definitely will at some point, I’m just not able to do so in much detail yet. To take … Continue reading

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Two More…

Two more boys. Two more pairs of tiny footsteps following in mine. Two more adventurous, daring and passionate hearts to direct and try with everything in me not to squelch.   Two more ninja, pirate, super-hero, knights saving the day… … Continue reading

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Potty Training And Perspective

There comes a point in every child’s life where a line must be drawn. A bridge must be crossed. A question must be answered… Am I going to move on from toddlerhood toward maturity? Am I going to remain satisfied … Continue reading

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The Road Ahead :: A Few Thoughts On Expectations

Yesterday was our ninth anniversary. We have a five-year old boy, a two-year old girl and Erin is pregnant with twins. Wow. When I write it out like that it feels kind of surreal. Like it’s someone else’s life, not … Continue reading

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Freedom Hurts :: Life While The Kids Are Away…

As the van drove away, I felt Erin’s head lean hard against my shoulder and I could hear that she was crying. I felt my heart beating faster with the strangest sort of longing. And for the next minute or … Continue reading

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