A few months ago we received a note home from Gavin’s school that they had done an eye exam with all of the students and suggesting that we follow-up up with an eye doctor. Neither Erin or I have ever needed glasses or had any real problems with vision, and honestly the thought had never … Continue reading Blurry


To Blog Or Not To Blog…

Last week was my first blog post since early November.  Some of you have noticed and asked me about it… thanks Mom. Anyway, I wish I had some great explanation for why I stopped writing. Something like… confused Panthers mistook my computer for a small woodland creature and ripped it to shreds… or a band … Continue reading To Blog Or Not To Blog…

This One Goes Out To All My YQ Peeps! (You know who you are)

It’s hard to put a gauge on change in your own life. It’s not something objective that can be measured. It’s more like something that you become suddenly aware of when the past leaps out of the shadows and into the forefront of your mind. Awakened by some familiar face, an old song, or a … Continue reading This One Goes Out To All My YQ Peeps! (You know who you are)