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Room For Cream?

I started drinking coffee in the 5th grade. My parents did it and my older brother started doing it, so I figured I should give it a shot (no pun intended). And like most kids, college girls and girly men, … Continue reading

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“You Used To Be Awesome” and other depressing compliments Brett Favre will have to get used to…

Guys get so mad at athletes who stay in the game “too long.” I mean, we can harbor serious resentment for these dudes when they don’t retire at the “top of their game.” As if, somehow, their career choice actually … Continue reading

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Parental Advisory :: This Book Contains Explicit And Violent Scenes

Yesterday I was in the middle of my normal morning routine… shower, clothes, brushing teeth, flossing (eh, who am I kidding… I floss, like, twice a year). Anyway, the TODAY show was on, as usual. And I hear a little … Continue reading

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Do, Re, Mi :: Thoughts On Theory And Practice

A couple weeks ago I was having this great conversation with a friend over coffee. It was mostly about music theory, which for me is a great conversation because I’m a nerd like that. It brought back some memories of … Continue reading

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